Good Friday

Keynote Speaker

Ms. Cynthia De Leon

Cynthia is from San Antonio, Texas and is currently working as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant.  In her free time she loves serving in music ministry, youth ministry and any other ministry she is asked to help with!

Reflection Questions

1. One of the sorrows was Mary seeing her Son under the weight of the cross.  What cross is Mary helping you carry right now?

2.  Where have you seen hope in the world today where there might not have been before?

3.  How is Mary an image of strength for her Son?  How is she an image of strength for you?

Diario de Maria – Lyrics

Preparing for the Liturgy

The In this solemn celebration, we remember the Passion and Death of Our Lord. The service is marked by several important rituals including the proclaiming of the Passion according to John, the Veneration of the Cross, an extended form of General Intercessions, and finally, the distribution of Communion (reserved from the Holy Thursday celebration of the Eucharist).

The Veneration of the Cross

It seems strange that in the Good Friday liturgy Catholics choose to venerate, or show reverence to, the very instrument that was used to crucify Jesus. The Veneration of the Cross reminds us that through this Cross, the Glory of the resurrection emerges. So, on Good Friday, we come forward to show our great reverence and respect for the Cross. People have various traditions when they approach the Cross. Sometimes they kiss the Cross, kneel before the Cross, or even just touch it in some fashion. As you participate in this ritual, venerate the Cross in whatever way feels most normal. And most of all, just take in the experience of the gathered community coming so close to such a tragic, but integral, event in our faith.

General Intercessions

In this expanded form of General Intercessions, the presider and the deacon work together to pray 10 intercessions. These intercessions are the same intercessions the entire Church prays on Good Friday, and they include praying for the Holy Church, praying for the unity of all Christians, praying for the Jewish people, praying for people who do not believe in Christ or in God, praying for people in public office, and praying for people who are suffering or facing difficult times. These prayers recognize how universal our Church is and that we should be aware of all of the faiths and traditions in the world that are different from our own.

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